This Chick Is Toast

Viking 100 – My First 100 Miler!

I’d been thinking for a while now that maybe one day I’d like to give a 100 miler a go, but I saw that ‘one day’ as being far, far in the future and something I definitely wasn’t ready for yet. Then after finishing the Race To The Stones 100k for the second time in July 2017, Traviss (one of the Race Directors of the amazing Saxons, Vikings & Normans races) ...

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Ignorance is Bliss – RTTS 2017

Ignorance is indeed bliss. Last year I had no idea what I was letting myself in for and so went about my life without a care in the world. Even up to the starting gun of Race To The Stones (actually just a countdown) I was treating it like any other race I had done (mostly half marathons and 10ks). If you read last year’s race report you would know that it all ...

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Race To The Stones 2017

I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t really fancy this at all. After my twin brother Dan had to drop at mile 50 last year I always knew we were coming back to Race To The Stones 100k. Which was fine by me. He obviously had unfinished business but the fact that we didn’t get to cross the finish line together was just as much unfinished business for me too. This was ...

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